Cat Boarding at Kilmore Vet

The Perfect Home Away From Home

Let our trained vet nurses care for your feline friend next time you go away.

Our cattery is purpose built for maximum comfort featuring:

  • Large individual walk-in cages with plenty of space
  • Large scratching posts in every enclosure
  • Specially designed to allow natural cat behaviours
  • Climate controlled

We use high quality premium veterinary food and can cater for cats with a range of medical issues.

Our cattery is cleaned with veterinary safe disinfectants and super-heated steam to ensure optimum cleanliness

Boarding facilities are located at our Kilmore clinic, you can call us at either Kilmore or Wallan to book your spot

Things to remember when booking your cat for boarding


  • All cats must be up to date with a minimum F3 vaccination (vaccination proof required on admission).
  • If your cat is newly vaccinated, their final booster must have been given 2 weeks prior to admission.

Worming and Fleas

  • Cats need to be up to date with worming and flea treatment (wormed within the last 3 months, treated for fleas within 1 month).
  • We are happy to treat pets on admission if they have not been done already.
  • These are needed even for indoor only pets as it is required by the Code of Practice for a boarding establishment.

Medical Care

  • We can cater for any medical condition.
  • Please remember to bring any medications your cat may require on admission, as well as any relevant information we may require.

FIV positive cats

  • We are happy to board cats that are FIV positive.
  • No cats are ever in contact with each other and therefore there is no risk of transmission.
  • FIV cats are given specific feeding and water bowls so there is no risk of cross contamination.

To book your cat's holiday accommodation with us, please contact us.